The Site

This shrine was created in August 2016, the end of summer and the month I decided to take up swimming again — after staying away from pools for what must have been a decade. A documentation of its creation process can be found at Song Cradle, the network’s repository.

Waterbound’s layout is testament to my journey through various shrines and the friends I have made in my time at Amassment. Not only is it a combination of the skills of different people, it is the result of lengthy chats, the kindness and willingness of others to lend their help, and the joy of sharing knowledge and tools with each other. My thanks go to Samantha for demonstrating how to remove a large element from an image without leaving behind a gaping hole, to Delphine for transforming the rectangle of a header image into something that beautifully transitions into the black background, to Larissa for listening to my incoherent misconceptions about integrating CSS sprites into the layout and telling me how it is actually done — and to Delphine and Megan in general for getting me on the right track with the navigation design while listening to my endless whining and ranting in making this layout. /sobs

Thanks also to everyone who supported me as I was working on this shrine and despairing over the process or doubting my vision — you know who you are, and I appreciate all of you very much!

A big thank you especially to Andrea, my Dynamic Duos partner: Without you, this shrine would not (or at least not yet) exist. What are the chances of someone only just having purchased and unveiled their domain with plans of getting back into shrining, having the ideal partner subject to a shrine idea of mine on their new projects list, and then agreeing to join Amassment to partner up with me in a challenge right away?? Not to mention there wasn't much time left until the end of the event! I am still amazed it didn’t take much convincing at all — just pitching a crack idea and rolling with it. You’re amazing, Andrea, and I’m so honoured to have been your partner in this.

Any image on the shrine that isn't one of my screencaps uses scans from Minitokyo. The adorable sprites in the footer are creations of Tumblr user sockleton. The font on the header is You’re Invited; Simonetta, Droid Serif, Overlock and Crimson Text serve as content fonts. Scripts used are fancyBox for the screencap displays and jQuery Tooltip.

Autistic Haru
Inspiration and beginnings; the things you mean to me.
Name Meaning
Autism and water imagery; mermaid from another universe; to connect.
Finding your way back; exploring adjacent realms.