Haruka Nanase

“I only swim free.”

Birthday: 30th June (Cancer)
Height: 175cm
Weight: 63kg
Speciality: front crawl

Japanese VA: Nobunaga Shimazaki
English VA: Todd Haberkorn

Haruka Nanase is Free!’s protagonist, 17 years old and a second-year student at Iwatobi High School. Like the rest of the main cast, he has a typically girlish name, which is affectionately shortened to “Haru” by some of his friends.

In his elementary school days, he used to be part of the Iwatobi Swimming Club, where he practiced regularly alongside Makoto, Nagisa and Rin. His competitive swimming earned him various trophies, among them the shared trophy for the notable medley relay that he swam together with his three friends at Rin’s request.

Haru quit competitive swimming sometime during middle school following a private incident with Rin, who had moved away. When Nagisa runs into Haru and Makoto again in high school, he tries to persuade the two of them to start a school swim club. Though initially reluctant, Haru agrees to it after some turn of events, and is eventually even ready to take part in tournaments again. As part of Iwatobi High School Swim Club, Haru is the club’s vice captain in name only, leaving the actual duties to Makoto.


Here are some of the Haru’s typical expressions! Situation-dependent expressions are covered under Traits along with the different facets of Haru’s personality.


Haru has nimble hands and is skilled at delicate jobs, making home economics and art his strongest subjects!


As his parents have moved due to his father’s work, Haru lives by himself. He manages the household on his own and seems fairly self-reliant in that regard. Makoto lives next door with his family and regularly drops by.

Club Members Past and Present

Makoto Tachibana
Iwatobi High School, second year. Haru’s closest childhood friend and the swim club’s captain. Kind and considerate, but also easily scared and timid. Understands Haru very well and frequently speaks in Haru’s stead. Specializes in the backstroke.

Rin Matsuoka
Samezuka Academy, second year. Used to be lively and outgoing, now aggressive and brooding following his return from Australia. Considers Haru his rival, frequently taunts him and hopes to race him in school tournaments. Specializes in the butterfly and the front crawl.

Nagisa Hazuki
Iwatobi High School, first year. The swim club’s treasurer. Cheerful and energetic, rarely holding back with what's on his mind. An admirer of Haru's swimming since elementary school, he joined the same high school as Haru so as to swim together again. Specializes in the breastroke.

Rei Ryugazaki
Iwatobi High School, first year. Initially part of the track club, Nagisa’s efforts and Haru’s swimming make him switch over to the swim club. Theoretical and obsessed with aesthetics. Has deep respect for Haru and his beautiful swimming. Only swims the butterfly.

Gou “Kou” Matsuoka
Iwatobi High School, first year. Rin’s sister, Nagisa and Rei’s classmate and the swim club’s manager. Enthusiastic, supportive and dedicated; a lover of muscles. Hopes that swimming with Haru in tournaments will make Rin turn back to his old self. Can’t swim.