Support Autistic Haru

This site is far from being the only autistic reading of Haru. In fact, this site started with a response to someone else’s post regarding autistic Haru! I support autistic headcanons, and I’d love to see more fanwork and other dedications to them. They’re a rare find with regard to any specific fandom, but every time I come across some, especially fanfics, I’m overjoyed. This page is thus dedicated to other people’s depictions of autistic Haru!

If you’ve written fic, created art, or have written meta about autistic Haru and would like to share, message me about it! (Autistic mermaid Haru counts too!) I’d prefer it if those creations are by autistic people, but as long as they’re well-researched (rather than just, say, an aggregation of stereotypes), I don’t mind if they aren’t.